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Not your average Photobooths! NEW and unique, stylish, high quality booths.

St Richard's Snowdrop Ball 26th November 2016

What a great night! There were some absolutely epic photos from guests at the Snowdrop Ball. 

The Roaming Photos can be found on this link to the St Richard's Hospice folder.

Visit our Photobooth gallery to see the Photobooth Photos. These photos are designed for sharing and downloading. Share the photobooth love!

If you would like printed photos as 6" x 9" or as a JPEG (without our website logo) please follow the instructions on the gallery pages.

Part of the proceeds go to St Richard's Hospice

We've been nominated!  Please vote for us!

We were chuffed to bits to find we'd been nominated for the Worcestershire Hour Social Media Awards for Best New Business and Best Worcestershire Hour Photographer AND the Three Counties Wedding Awards for Best Photobooth for Worcestershire.

We need your vote!

If you've used our Photobooth or Photography and liked it please follow the links below.

You'll have to be quick - voting finishes 30th November!

1) Worcestershire Hour Social Media Awards - Voting Finishes Wednesday 30th November 2016. Best New Business and Photographer.  VOTE HERE NOW!

2) Three Counties Wedding Awards - VOTE FOR US HERE. Use the code WR19 - PI2017

Thank you from Pete and Liz

Pinhole Images provide Photography and Photobooths for Weddings, Events, Parties and Corporate Functions. 

Explore our website to see how we provide a unique blend of Photography with instant printing and Photobooths.

Our style is discreet and aims to capture documentary-style images that encapsulate the essence, energy and emotion of your event.

Our photobooths are designed to fit in with beautiful venues - they entertain and provide lasting memories for your and your guests.

If you have any questions please contact us using the Contact form or call us on 01386 462218 - we would love to hear from you.

Visit our Photobooths website to see what makes our Photobooths special!

Photobooths Website Link

The Pinhole Pod and Photo Cart

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