Not your average Photobooths! NEW, unique and stylish. Plus Event Photography for any occasion.

Not your average Photobooths! NEW and unique, stylish, high quality booths.

Capture the moment with our photography solutions.

The Photo Cart and Pod - Not Your Average Photobooth!

The Pod and the Photo Cart - Open Style Photobooths

What makes our Photobooths special?

* Snap #Tag Share Print - Post a photo on Instagram or Twitter using the event hashtag and watch it print out too!

* They would fit perfectly within beautiful venues (no plastic booths!)

* Slideshow of images shows Photobooth and Guest Photos

* Print extra copies and share via email

* Guests use the large touchscreen PCs to control the Photo Booth and Social Sharing

*Preview Photobooth photos before taking and before printing

* Unlimited High Quality 6" x 4" prints as standard

* We only use Professional cameras, lenses, flash equipment and printers

* Add one of our Photobooths to our photography package for the most economical way to have both!

* Customisable in many ways - Make it yours with matching roof fabrics and bunting!

This is what our customers say..

"You guys were amazing, our friends had the best time with the photo cart-it couldn't have been better. I'm looking at pics of people laughing and having such a great time, and I can't thank you enough for helping with that.  ☺"

"Oh my goodness these are amazing!!!!! Thank you so much!"

You will love it too!

Call us on 01386 462218 or Email us using the Contact Page with details of your event. 

Visit our Photobooth Page to find out more

Professional Photography for weddings, parties, events, pets and people.

Our experienced photographers can be booked with or without our innovative Photo Booth and Social Sharing systems.

We offer special discounted rates if you select both Photography and Photobooth options! See our Pricing page for current rates or email us via the Contact Form with details of your requirements. We would love to photograph your event!

Our Corporate Photography and Photobooth options offer huge potential  to extend the online reach of your corporate event.

We have extensive experience in various business sectors and can tailor our offer to your specific marketing requirements.  Our discreet documentary-style photography provides great images for you.

The social sharing options with our Pinhole Pod or Party Cart provide real-time engagement with your event using hashtags on Instagram or Twitter.  Measure the impact with detailed analysis after the event. Perfect for product launches, entertaining or in-house promotions.

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