Pinhole Photography

We provide two professional photographers and quality on-site instant printing of a selection of our images as standard.

Instant printing lends a dynamic and immediate impact and involves your customers. We find that people love the immediacy of a printed photograph that provides them with a lasting reminder of the moment. Our photo-reportage style is discreet and captures images that demonstrate the essence, emotion and energy of your corporate or private event.

Having two photographers enables us to cover your event in a way that no single photographer ever could. There are always lots of different things happening at the same time, and having two photographers greatly increases the chance of capturing the moment. We use natural light wherever possible but also have portable equipment if required. Good documentary photography is about using light, timing, contrast, composition and creativity to capture spontaneous moments in memorable ways. Good photographers take captivating photos irrespective of the cameras they happen to use.

We are able to offer instant printing with our highly portable system that comprises a high quality printer and a touchscreen PC. We call it The Portable. We select and print the best images on this system during your event, without missing any of the action. Prints are available for guests to take away immediately.

The Portable is perfect for small venues, restricted-time events or locations where access or set-up is restricted.  If you opt for our Pod or Photo Cart systems together with Photography, instant printing is included within those packages.

Event, Business and Private Photography

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